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Mond Design Associates, Inc. was founded to implement general interior design and architectural space planning services for the commercial and residential buildings.

From this foundation, MOND Design Associates, Inc has expanded into a comprehensive design firm, encompassing all aspects of interior design and space construction, including filing, application and arrangements of all kinds of architectural certificates, permission and documents.

The founder, Ei Koike, has been a professional in the field since 1972. He established MOND Design Associates, Inc. in New York City, NY, USA in 1990 .

Over twenty years' experience and our conscientious services are highly regarded, and MOND Design Associates, Inc. is proud of the accomplishments such as awarded Restaurants, Offices, Boutique Stores and Residential Spaces.


Design Services:
Space Planning, Interior Design, System & equipment specification / Layout, Lighting Design, Furniture Design & Custom Cabinetry, Purchasing, Cost Control, Inspection& Performance Verification.

Construction / Project Management Services:
General Contracting, Start-up Assistance, Coordination, Estimating, Construction Supervision, Design / Build Construction(Including General construction, Electrical, Plumbing, H.V.A /C, & Architectural Wood Work).

Maintenance Services:
Kitchen Equipment, HVAC, Heater, Electric Fixture, Kitchen Exhaust, etc.

Architectural Government Office Filing&Document Services:
Public Assembly (PA), Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), Permit for Construction, etc.

Remove Violations

1. Concierge Desk (Materials: Lacquer painted solid wood & Hair-lined Stainless Steel)
2. Millwork (Material: Walnut, Finish: Oil finish)
3. Millwork (Material: Walnut, Finish: Oil finish)
4. Millwork (Material: Walnut, Finish: Oil finish)
5. Millwork (Material: Walnut, Finish: Oil finish).